Own a Limited Company? – we can act as your Registered Office Address

What is a Registered Office?

A Registered Office is the official address that is shown on the Public Record at Companies House and is the address where all official communications and legal documents can be served, such as HMRC and other governmental agencies.

Why should I protect my Registered Office?

The Registered Office Address of a UK Limited Company is visible for the public to see on the public record at Companies House.   The Registered Office, by law, must also be displayed on your website, email, stationery and other legal documents and media.

In today’s world of identify theft, fraud and cyber criminals, it is not recommended to have your home address as the Registered Office Address of your business.

London Registered Office Address features

Flexible Mail Handling

How we handle your mail at your Registered Office Address is entirely up to you. Your instructions can be changed at any time 24 hours a day.  From viewing your mail online or having items sent to different addresses, we give the control to you.

Accepted by Companies House

Mail for the Limited Company from Companies House and HMRC will be accepted at your Registered Office Address.  If you need to receive other mail or any business mail, then we offer a regular London Prime Street Address.

Secure Address

Protect your home address from the public record at Companies House in the UK. The security of your home address is paramount when your information is in the public domain. 

View Mail Online

You are in complete control of your Mail with a wide range of Mail Management options.   Envelope Scan, Open and Scan Contents, Forward, Auto-Forward Daily / Weekly / Monthly and Hold for Collection.