Post Box Rental in London

The Private London Postbox (Mailbox) service offers an alternative contrast to having a physical address.

Rent a Postbox to give a completely anonymous presence but it has the same benefits that you would get with our Mailing Address service of being able to either collect your mail or have it forwarded anywhere in the world.

The service is totally confidential and discreet and unlike the traditional well-known PO Box service, we do not disclose your private details to any third party with our Post Box Hire Service.

Example of business usage

Jones & Smith Plumbing Service
BM Box 1234

Example of private usage

Peter Jones
BM Box 1234

Post Box Rental for Frequent Travellers

A central Post Box location for your mail to be received. Keep the same Post Box no matter where you are in the world. View your Mail online or choose for your Mail to follow you as you move around – total flexibility.


With a Mailbox Hire, your Privacy is discreet and guaranteed.   We will not pass your personal data to anyone (unless we are requested to under law). We will let you know if we receive any requests under GDPR legislation.

Clubs & Charities

We can provide you with just one Central Postbox Address for your organisation. We’ll forward the items received individually to the address of the Secretary, Treasurer & Chairperson etc.

Competition Entries

Post Box Rental for Competitions & Prize Draws.  We provide Post Box numbers for event responses and competition entries.   Items receive can be managed online for batching and forwarding on or enjoy our processing and data entry services.

Flexible Mail Handling

When you Rent a Postbox, how we handle your mail items is entirely up to you. Your instructions can be changed at any time 24 hours a day from your Secure Online Account.   From viewing your mail online, setting up a auto-forward or having items forwarded on to different addresses, we give the control to you

Parcel Receiving

At your London Postbox, you can receive small parcels and packets whether it be online shopping, returns for your business or gifts and presents.  Our platform will alert you electronically upon arrival.  You may wish to consider a Street Address instead of Mailbox Hire, if you intend to receive items via a Courier.

UK Shop & Ship

UK Shop, Ship or Collect by London Postbox allows Parcels and Packets from all couriers to be sent to your Postbox in London.  If you shop in the UK,  many websites will not ship to orders internationally.

View Mail Online

You are in complete control of your Mail with a wide range of Mail Management options.   Envelope Scan, Open and Scan Contents, Forward, Auto-Forward Daily / Weekly / Monthly and Hold for Collection.