P O Box Rental in Central London wherever you are in the world

Hire a P O Box number in Central London for complete privacy.  Our Post Box Numbers come with an Online Account to view your mail online or to have it forwarded anywhere internationally.

Your P O Box Rental Address would look:

Your name / Company Name
Box Number 1234*(example)

A Post Box does not have a physical address attached to it, thus enabling you to have complete anonymity.    Renting a P O Box number in London is available to any person or business wherever you may be in the world.     Even if you move, you can have the same box number with us.

Features of our Post Box Rental

Flexible Mail Handling

How we handle your P O Box Mail is entirely up to you and your instructions can be changed at any time 24 hours a day.  From viewing your mail online or having items sent to different addresses, we give the control to you.  Receive free alerts as soon as we receive mail at your P O Box.

Parcel Receiving

Some Parcels and Packets can be received at your P O Box number.   Receive parcels and we will ship them anywhere in the world whether it be online shopping, returns for your business or gifts and presents.  If you are looking to have parcels received by couriers, then a Street Address would work best for you.

UK Shop & Ship

UK Shop, Ship or Collect by Prime Secretarial allows Parcels and Packets from all couriers to be sent to your Prime Street Address.  If you shop in the UK,  many websites will not ship to orders internationally.

View Mail Online

You are in complete control of your Mail with a wide range of Mail Management options.   Envelope Scan, Open and Scan Contents, Forward, Auto-Forward Daily / Weekly / Monthly and Hold for Collection.

Looking for a Street Address instead?

We have Physical Addresses in North, South and Central London.