Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise agreed by PRIME Secretarial Services in writing, these terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with English law and are in addition to your statutory rights.

1. General

In our terms and conditions of business, “the Company” shall mean PRIME Secretarial Services and “the customer” shall mean any private individual, company, firm, organisation trading with the Company.

2. Set-up, Activation and Renewals

Refund, Cancellation and Termination Policy

  • All Subscriptions are payable in advance upon sign-up. The Customer, having subscribed to the Company’s services, has a 14 day ‘Cooling-off’ period in which they can cancel the agreement and have all monies paid returned to them.
  • After the first 14-days of Service, a Customer may cancel their service at anytime by providing Notice of Cancellation to accounts@prime-secretarial.co.uk. The Company will refund back to the Customer any balance remaining on the Customer’s Postal and Scanning Deposit accounts, however, any remaining Subscription/Service fees are not refundable
  • In the event of providing Service to the Customer but the forwarding/collection Service having been suspended due to the Customer failing to provide their due diligence / ID documents requested [see section 3. Identification, Confidentiality and Privacy below], the Company reserves the right to terminate the services set-up for the Customer without refund of Subscription monies paid. However, the Company will refund back to the Customer any balance remaining on the Customer’s Postal and Scanning Deposit accounts.

Set-up and Delivery of Service

  • The Company will set-up and deliver all services to the Customer by email on the same-day of application provided the the application was received before 16:00hrs GMT Monday to Friday. All applications received after this time, are processed on the following working day.

Confirmation and Activation

  • The Company will a ‘Confirmation Email’ to the Customer to confirm the requested services are set up. Although the services are set-up, the Customer must provide the Identification documents requested in the Confirmation Email. [please refer to clause 3 below].


  • Subscriptions to the Company’s services do not automatically renew. The Company will send a Renewal Notice to the Customer at their last known email address at least 14 days before expiry and should the Customer wish to continue with Service, then the Renewal fee must be paid on or before the date of expiry. The Company is not at liberty to provide continuation of service after expiration of a Customer’s Subscription.

3. Identification, Confidentiality and Privacy

  • The Company is required by law (Money Laundering Regulations Act 2007 and the London Local Authorities Act 2007 – Section 75) to obtain 2 forms of identification from every individual utilising the Company’s services, together with certain business documents if our Services are being used by the Customer for business purposes.
  • The Company will request Identification Documentation in the ‘Confirmation Email’ after services have been set-up (1 x Photographic ID such as a Passport or Driving Licence) and 1x Proof of Residential Address (such as a utility bill or bank statement within the last 3 months). The Company is further required to obtain certain documentation when our address is used for Business purposes. (ID – as above, for every Beneficial Owner of the business, Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable) and proof of where the business is actually operated from.
  • The Company will set up the services the Customer has paid for, but any mail collection or forwarding will not take place until such time the requested Identification Documentation has been accepted by the Company. In the event that the Customer fails to provide such documents, the Company reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the services set-up for the Customer without refund of Subscription.
  • The Company may use the details that the Customer has provided on the Application Form by way of an electronic ID check to confirm the customer’s identity, company identity, address and other contact details in order to comply with the Company’s obligations under the said regulations imposed on the Company.
  • Confidentiality – The Company undertakes not to disclose any of the customer’s details to any third party whatsoever. However, the customer agrees that the Company may have to supply details of the Customer to legal bodies if so legally obliged to or requested by law.

4. Service Provision

  • General Usage – The Company will provide a Street Address or Box Number for utilisation by the Customer, for which the Customer may utilise for any Private or Business purpose. However, the Customer agrees with the Company not to carry on any business which could be construed or interpreted by the Company as illegal, defamatory, immoral or obscene. In addition, the customer agrees not to use the business address, telephone/fax numbers, email address of the Company for any of the aforesaid purposes.
  • The company reserves the right, if necessary, to screen, x-ray or open mail and packages addressed to the customer in order to meet its obligations under the Money Laundering Act 2007. Further, the company reserves the same right to screen, x-ray or open mail or packages addressed to the customer to meet it’s security obligations before shipment in relation to prohibited shippable items, if necessary.
  • Packages and Parcels – The Customer can use the address to receive both letters and parcels. However, if at any time the Customer is receiving more than 50% of their total mail volume as packets or parcels, the Customer may be required to upgrade their service to a ‘Parcel Service’ which is charged at double the service fees on our Price List.
  • Liability, Losses and Damages – The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure accurate and efficient dealing with all communications received for the customer and that mail is handled in accordance with the Customer’s instructions that they have in place at the time of handling. However, no warranty or liability is accepted by the Company, its staff or agents in relation to services provided, nor for losses or damages to the Customer nor money, valuables or loss of business, however so caused.
  • The Customer will fully indemnify the Company against all liabilities, expenses, losses, claims, damages or penalties incurred by the Company is respect of this Agreement and due to the way in which the business services are however occasioned including through defamation, suing or being sued as a result of the breach whatsoever and howsoever committed by the Customer or any third parties. The Company, its staff or agents will have no liability to any third party.

5. Mail Forwarding Service and Charges

  • The Company will forward mail on to the customer in accordance with the Customer’s instructions on the Application Form (or confirmed instructions during the duration of the Contract).
  • The Customer will provide an initial Postage Account of £30.00 from which the Company will deduct all handling, packing and postage charges at the time mail is forwarded. Upon dispatching the Customer’s mail, the Company shall bundle together all mail received and send the same to the Customer in an unmarked envelope/pack plus the applicable postage/courier/Envelope charge according to the size/weight of the bundle of mail.
  • The Company will charge a handling fee of 15p for every mail item included in the dispatch, 65p for every Registered item included in the dispatch and £2.50 for every parcel we dispatch. Postage To-up Invoices are sent from time-to-time according to usage. The Company may, at its discretion, continue to send forward mail even though the Customer has a debit balance.

6. Mail Hold / Collection Service and Charges

  • If the Customer does not choose to have their mail forwarded, the Customer may collect their mail from the Address they use with the Company free of charge, except at our WC1 office where we charge 12p per letter collected, 65p per Registered Item collected and from £1 for every parcel item collected.
  • Duration – A Customer who has opted for Mail Hold or Mail Collection will have their mail held at the Company’s office pending collection or further instructions. If mail is held, the Company will hold the Customer’s mail for the duration of subscription paid. However, if in the event that, in the Company’s view, a Customer for whom we hold mail / correspondence / parcels etc for accumulates a disproportionate level of the same, the Company shall notify the Customer by Email and request that the Customer makes arrangements for the Company to forward on all mail / correspondence / parcels etc held to the Customer or for the Customer to have the same collected from the premises at which we are providing service. At the Company’s absolute discretion, it reserves the right to levy additional storage and/or handling charges where necessary.
  • If the Customer, who having chosen to have their mail held for collection, requires either ad-hoc or regular Mail Forwarding, must send a request for the same in writing to the Company. The Customer will provide an initial Postage Account of £30.00 if not already having done so at the time of application from which the Company will deduct the Franking, Envelope and Label Charges as per ‘Mail Forwarding Service and Charges’ above. Mail will be forwarded to the account address provided on the customer’s initial application unless an alternative address is provided by the customer for each and every ad-hoc dispatch.

7. Accounts, Payments and Renewals

  • Renewals – The Company will send a Renewal Notice to the customer at their last known E-Mail address at least 14 days before expiry and should the Customer wish to continue with Service, then the Renewal fee must be paid on or before the date of expiry. The Company is not at liberty to provide continuation of service after expiration of a Customer’s Subscription.
  • Changes of Fees and Service – The Company shall notify the customer in writing of any changes in fees or services. Any changes or alterations to services will take effect no earlier than 14 days.
  • Postage / Scanning Top-ups – Top-ups for charges incurred by the Company will be sent from time to time according to volume usage. Credit requests are to be paid strictly within the 5-day settlement terms stipulated on the request. If the customer fails to pay a Credit Request, the Company may withhold such services / mail / messages / correspondence or article(s) belonging to the customer until such payment is made. The Company shall have a general lien on all belongings of the Customer that may be on the Company premises and/or for all monies owing by the customer to the Company on any account whatsoever.
  • The Company may
    (i) terminate the contract of service
    (ii) retain all payments already made or
    (iii) vary the terms or length of the Contract to cover payments due.

8. Customer Breach of Terms

  • In the event of breach by the Customer of any of the above conditions, the Company may terminate this Agreement forthwith without any explanation whatsoever as to reason by sending written notice of such termination to the Customer of which a prepaid letter addressed to the customer at his last known address shall be deemed sufficient notice. Subscription fees are not refunded.

9. Provision of up-to-date contact information

  • The Customer hereby confirms that the information provided on the Application Form is accurate at the time of completion and any change(s) of customer’s personal details or business details will be notified to the Company immediately.
  • The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Customer’s service if we are unable to contact them appropriately.

10. Termination of Service(s)

  • This agreement is subject to written Notice of Termination to be given by either party addressed by the Customer to the Company or by the Company to the customer respectively. Fees and subscriptions are not refundable in the event of an early termination nor are Subscriptions transferable.

11. Changes to Terms and Conditions

  • The Company may vary or change these Terms and Conditions as required and notice of such changes will be provided to the Customer by Email no less than 14 days before any such variations or changes take place.