Director’s Service Address in London

If you are a Director of a UK Limited Company, protect your home address from the public Companies House records and use our address as the Director’s Service address for your Limited Company.

What is a Director’s Service Address?

A Director’s Service Address can be anywhere in the world whereas the Registered Office for the Limited Company must be in the UK.

Companies House, the Registrars of Limited Companies in the UK, are required to show a service address for each Director.    With the increase in identify theft and for general security, it is recommended that you do not use your home address for this purpose.

For your own security and privacy, you may wish to use our Address in the United Kingdom to keep your home address private and secure.

Our Director’s Service Address in London is included with all of our addresses and plans, however, if this is the only service you want, then you can sign-up for it at a reduced cost to receive mail only statutory mail from Companies House which is addressed only to the Director.

Features of our Director’s Service Address

Flexible Mail Handling

How we handle your mail is entirely up to you and your instructions can be changed at any time 24 hours a day.  From viewing your mail online or having items sent to different addresses, we give the control to you.

Accepted by Companies House

Our Service Address is accepted by Companies House and Government Agencies giving you peace of mind you have a legal secure address to display on the Public Record with Companies House

Secure & Confidential

Protect your home address from the public record at Companies House in the UK. The security of your home address is paramount when your information is in the public domain.  We will never release your personal data unless required to by law.

View Mail Online

You are in complete control of your Mail with a wide range of Mail Management options.   Envelope Scan, Open and Scan Contents, Forward, Auto-Forward Daily / Weekly / Monthly and Hold for Collection.